Jerry Gore

Jerry Gore

Climber, Public Speaker, T1 Diabetic, and joint owner of!

Born in the UK in 1961, and married with two children, Jerry has enjoyed two very diverse and contrasting careers throughout his life, the first as a businessman, the second as a professional expedition mountaineer, involved in the world of extreme climbing, over a 30-year period. The third major element to Jerry's life is Diabetes. Jerry was diagnosed as a Type 1 insulin-dependent diabetic on January 31st 2001. Though new to diabetes, Jerry continues to live his life to the full and has not let this chronic condition stop his active outdoor, family or business lives. 

Each year he organises outdoor challenges to raise monies for his charity (A4D) to help young people with diabetes in emerging countries across SE Asia. Since 2004 he has organised workshops and diabetic camps to support the global diabetic community. Jerry was nominated a Blue Circle Champion by The International Diabetes Federation in 2015. There are 15 such champions in the World comprising Type 1 Diabetic extreme athletes and Olympic champions. The list includes Sir Steve Redgrave CBE. 

Jerry Gore crossed the Iceland Icecap in 1977 when he was 16, summited Mont Blanc at 17 and climbed a 7000-meter giant Manaslu North in the Himalayas at 22. After leaving school he worked as the Mountain Co-ordinator for the Alberta Province, the aim of which was to climb the 75 classic peaks of the Alberta Rockies. Following this he undertook a Short Service Commission in the Royal Marines, during which he spent three winters developing major ice climbing areas in Arctic Norway, as well as succeeding on military expeditions to the Nepalese and Indian Himalaya. He was awarded the Commandant General's personal commendation - the most outstanding Royal Marine - in 1984 for his rescue of Norwegian civilians. 

He has climbed abroad on an expedition every year since 1977 including remote mountain ranges in the Alps, the Himalaya, South and North America, and Patagonia. But his enduring passion is for Big Walls, sheer rock walls over 1000m. in vertical height. He first fell in love with the sport during a visit to Yosemite Valley, California in 1980, and his enthusiasm for the World's largest rock faces have remained to this day.

Jerry has climbed Big Walls in Norway, Pamirs, Greenland, Patagonia, Baffin Island, Borneo and the Bugaboos. He has climbed on expeditions with the World's best including Kenton Cool, Mick Fowler, Twid Turner, Louise Thomas, Mark Synnott, Silvo Karo, and Sir Chris Bonington. Jerry has been exposed to all the various types of Big Wall experiences, from fast lightweight ascents to lightning strikes, through to opening whole new Big Wall playgrounds. He has climbed numerous walls in Yosemite including The Shortest Straw, currently the most technical aid route achieved by a British team. Jerry is one of the UK's most successful extreme alpinists, and has achieved climbs of World class significance.

EXTREME ALTITUDE - 7 Routes above 6,000M.  - All Himalayan countries – all without supplementary oxygen.
Three First Ascents: S.E. Face Shishapangma (8,013m.); Manaslu North (7,154m.); S.W. Ridge Chopicalqui (6,354m.)

EXTREME BIG WALL – Sheer rock walls over 1000m. in vertical height. Jerry has climbed 20 new Big Wall routes Worldwide: Madagascar, Baffin Island, Patagonia, Borneo, Pakistan, Bugaboos, Alaska, European Alps, Greenland, Norway, Russian Pamir’s, and Yosemite. 

EXTREME ALPINE - 85 alpine routes including 16 First Ascents Worldwide! European Alps, Canadian Rockies, Peruvian Andes, Chile, Argentina, Nepal and India Himalayas, and Southern Greenland. 

MARKETING PROFESSIONAL:  A senior management professional with 15 years’ experience in the Outdoor Industry, Jerry has held key positions including Marketing Director for Cotswold Outdoor, and Head of Marketing at A member of the Institute of Direct Marketing and Chartered Institute of Marketing he has a proven track record of work within Commercial, Voluntary and Military sectors including extensive work with the BMC, MLTB, PYB, Sports Council, and the MEF. 

MOTIVATIONAL PRESENTATIONS: A public speaker since 1994, Jerry is an established presenter across Europe to Schools, Colleges, and Business and Diabetic communities. Key clients/ conferences: Hewlett Packard, Pri-Med, ENER-G, Expedition Logistics, BMC Festival of Climbing, Camping and Outdoor Leisure Association (COLA), Operation Raleigh, The Royal Geographical Society, Eton College, St Paul’s School, The Mount Everest Foundation, Mountains for Active Diabetics 2003-2010, l'Association Nationale des Médecins et Sauveteurs en Montagne ’09 (France), Roche Diagnostics GmbH (Germany), “The Lilly/IDF Congress - 2005” (Bulgaria), Bayer Interdisziplinärer Workshop Sportmedizin 2011, Southern Germany, Dr. Bennett Memorial Lecture - Expedition Medicine 2011,Novo Nordisk Gmbh Germany - Company Presentation 2012, Vitabiotics 2013, IFL Fundraiser – Sheraton Grande Thailand 2014, JW Marriott, Bangkok 2015, OIA Keynote speaker 2016, Telegraph Adventure Travel Show 2016, The Bibby Line Group 2016.


Jerry has created this UK registered charity with co-founder Charles Toomey:


A4D aims to significantly reduce the suffering of, and increase the life opportunities for young people with Type 1 Diabetes in emerging countries in Asia. WHY Asia? Because this continent is in the grip of a diabetes epidemic; More than half of the 400 million living with Diabetes today live in Asia. Our initial focus is on specific South East Asian nations, where young people with diabetes are unable to access the medical care and other essential support required to enable them to survive and thrive into adulthood. A4D’s first major project was in Myanmar, where we are already supporting a significant upgrade in care for 40 children with Type 1 Diabetes in Yangon, the capital city and Mandalay. In total, we support 85 children on the A4D Insulin Programme.

By 2020 we plan to have programs in place in at least 10 different sites across 9 countries in South East Asia, for more than 300 young people with T1 Diabetes.


JERRY’S INSULIN CHALLENGE: To raise money to help young people with T1 Diabetes for Jerry’s charity A4D. JIC’s are a series of extreme challenges often requiring the athleticism and millimetre precision of Olympic standard gymnastics in an environment where a fall could be fatal. 100% of all monies raised go directly to his charity

2009-11: The Ecrins XS Challenge - the 4 hardest alpine rock walls, Southern French Alps. Raised €6,000

2012: The Northern Alps’ 3 hardest walls – Divine Providence, N. Face of Eiger, and S. Face of Marmolada. Raised €11,000 

2013: Wall of Paine; FA South Tower, Patagonia, Chile - the largest unclimbed wall in South America. Raised €16,000

2014: The Mt Blanc Challenge – To take young diabetics and non-diabetics up the highest mountain in Europe. Raised €27,500 

2015: The Eiger North Face Speed Ascent: 7.56hrs with Calum Musket – UK Record - April 22, 2015. Raised €45,000

2016: La GRAnD – Cycle challenge across the French Alps – 770Km + 17,5000m. of ascent in 7 days. Raised €51,000



In 2016 Jerry became the first ever Type 1 Diabetic leader of a commercial expedition in the Himalayas when he guided 9 clients to the summit of Cholatse (6,40m.) via the SW Ridge. This climb is the most technically difficult guided route in the Nepalese Himalaya.



Chalet accommodation in the Southern French Alps