Jerry Gore

Jerry Gore

Climber, Public Speaker, Writer, and joint owner of!

Born in the UK in 1961, and married with two children, Jerry has enjoyed two very diverse and contrasting careers throughout his life, the first as a businessman, the second as a professional expedition mountaineer, involved in the world of extreme climbing, over a 30 year period. The third major element to Jerry's life is Diabetes. Jerry was diagnosed as a Type 1 insulin-dependant diabetic on January 31st 2001. Though new to diabetes, Jerry continues to live his life to the full and has not let this chronic condition stop his active outdoor, family or business lives.

Jerry Gore crossed the Iceland Icecap in 1977 when he was 16, summitted Mont Blanc at 17 and climbed a 7000-meter giant Manaslu North in the Himalayas at 22. After leaving school he worked as the Mountain Co-ordinator for the Alberta Province, the aim of which was to climb the 75 classic peaks of the Alberta Rockies. Following this he undertook a Short Service Commission in the Royal Marines, during which he spent three winters developing major ice climbing areas in Arctic Norway, as well as succeeding on military expeditions to the Nepalese and Indian Himalaya. He was awarded the Commandant General's personal commendation - the most outstanding Royal Marine - in 1984 for his rescue of Norwegian civilians.

He has climbed abroad on an expedition every year since 1977 including remote mountain ranges in the Alps, the Himalaya, South and North America, and Patagonia. But his enduring passion is for Big Walls, sheer rock walls over 1000m. in vertical height.

He first fell in love with the sport during a visit to Yosemite Valley, California in 1980, and his enthusiasm for the World's largest rock faces have remained to this day.

Jerry has climbed Big Walls in Norway, Pamirs, Greenland, Patagonia, Baffin Island, Borneo and the Bugaboos. He has climbed on expeditions with the World's best including Warren Hollinger, Mark Synnott, Silvo Karo, and Sir Chris Bonington and has been exposed to all the various types of Big Wall experiences, from fast lightweight ascents to lightning strikes, through to opening up whole new Big Wall playgrounds. He has climbed numerous walls in Yosemite including The Shortest Straw, currently the most technical aid route achieved by a British team. Jerry is the UK's most experienced Big Wall climber, and has achieved climbs of World class significance.

Jerry's other key career direction has been in the world of marketing. A senior management professional with 15 years experience in the Outdoor Industry, Jerry has held key positions including Marketing Director for Cotswold Outdoor, and Head of Marketing at A member of the Institute of Direct Marketing and Chartered Institute of Marketing he has a proven track record of work within Commercial, Voluntary and Military sectors including extensive work with outdoor organizations such as the BMC, MLTB, PYB, Sports Council, and the MEF.

MOTIVATIONAL PRESENTATIONS: A public speaker since 1994, Jerry has developed his role as an inspirational speaker across Europe to Business, Outdoor and Diabetic communities. Key clients and conferences include Hewlett Packard, Pri-Med, ENER-G, Expedition Logistics, BMC Festival of Climbing, Camping and Outdoor Leisure Association (COLA), Operation Raleigh, The Royal Geographical Society, Eton College, St Paul's College, The Mount Everest Foundation, Mountains for Active Diabetics 2003-2010, l'Association Nationale des Medecins et Sauveteurs en Montagne (France), Roche Diagnostics GmbH (Germany), and The Lilly/IDF Congress - 2005(Bulgaria).

I constantly give myself mini projects to help motivate me. I am 51 years old and have been climbing since my late teens. I did my first exped to Iceland in ’77 and since then have climbed abroad most years. So in order to maintain my interest I set myself targets. For the last 10 years I have been working on my Sheer7 Challenge that Twid Turner and I first started back in 1999. Totally fed up with the classic Seven Summits Challenge (not!) I set up my own version which is to climb the hardest alpine rock wall on each of the 7 continents.

Ecrins XS Challenge
In 2009 I set up my “Ecrins XS Challenge” to climb the four hardest alpine rock walls in the Southern French Alps requiring a glacier approach. It took me three years and I completed it in the summer of 2011. I climbed the following routes:

First British on the Highest and Hardest - Southern French Alps
I did nothing this year as I was left partially paralysed and bed ridden following a mountain biking accident that compressed two of my vertebrae and an extremely painful nerve ending that gave me a horrible condition called Crualgie. I was on morphine and heavy painkillers right through until February 2011 when after a three month period of bed rest I finally got an injection of cortisone straight into my lower back. By Mach I was back and running and started training in earnest in early May 2011.

WAKANTANKA – 7C++ - East Face of Sialouze (3,575m.) 240m. Fr. 7c max, Fr. 6b oblige.
Bernard Coignard, JM De Robert, Jacques Perrier, Fred Roulx
First British Ascent – Jerry Gore and Giles Cornah


As you will probably know I am an insulin-dependent Type 1 Diabetic. Since my diagnosis in 2001 It has taken me most of the intervening 10 years to master this complicated condition. This involves up to 8 insulin injections and 6 blood sugar tests daily, weighing all my carbohydrates, and horrific mood swings and severe night time hypos that have reduced all of my family to tears on many occasions. Plus I need many expensive pieces of diabetic equipment totalling €6,000. Imagine what it is like living in a Third World Country where day to day survival is difficult, let alone dealing with something like Diabetes!

After a lot of research I have found a great charity – Insulin For Life (IFL) - that helps diabetics in such situations. I have set up the Nepal Project through IFL to raise money for 10 young Nepalese Diabetics registered at Patan Hospital, Kathmandu Valley, Nepal. These children can’t afford insulin and without it will die this year. So together with some of Britain’s best climbers I attempted three of the Alps’ toughest routes and you can see these climbs in detail here:

Less than 20 climbers in the World have done all three routes, and no Brit has to date. I have been training for two years for this. This challenge will require the athleticism and millimetre precision of Olympic standard gymnastics in an environment where a fall could be fatal.

My aim was to get just 1,000 people to contribute £10 each, or £5 for each climb, the money raised will buy enough insulin to give back to these young Nepalese their lives and their hope. Insulin has given me the chance to live a full and meaningful life. I want to give the same opportunity to these children.

I succeeded in my challenge by the end of September 2012. I raised over £4,000 but there is still a long way to go so please donate now and mail your friends. You can send money by credit card using PayPal. You do not need to have a PayPal account.

You can donate via my Facebook page:

Or direct via the IFL website:
In the box marked Insulin For Life: Nepal Project”, select the amount you want to donate from £5 upwards, then press “Give”.

2013 The Wall of Paine 2013
In October this year I am off to attempt the largest unclimbed wall in Patagonia with Twid Turner, Andy Kirkpatrick and Dave Gladwin. I am trying to raise more money for Insulin For Life. Read about the exped here:

And please donate direct to Insulin For Life - Nepal Project:

ALPBASE.COM: Since 2003 Jerry has lived in the Southern French Alps together with his wife Jackie and their two children, Elizabeth and Charlotte, where they run They offer chalets and apartments for weekly rentals, and bespoke school, business and diabetic courses year round.

Chalet accommodation in the Southern French Alps