White water rafting in the Durance

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Kayak & Rafting on the
Onde , Gyr & Durance

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White water in the Southern French Alps

The South Alps is a superb area for white water activities. The water is bigger volume than the UK with a mixture of wider larger volume rivers and smaller creek type rivers.

The water, being snow melt is cold, but the higher air temperatures and sun shine make for a very pleasant experience with wonderful scenery.

The white water activities offered comprise kayaking ; open canoeing ; rafting in large paddle rafts on the bigger rivers or special mini-rafts on the smaller rivers, hot dogs – one or two person inflatable boats – and hydro-speeds – a French invention which is basically swimming in the water protected by a full wet suit with a toboggan-like float to protect and support the body and propelled by flippers.

We can supply accommodation with plenty of safe private parking, and plenty of storage space. We have the rivers Gyr and Onde on our doorstep.


Durance Briancon Gorge Le Fontenil to Briancon Canoe Club 3/2km/1hr
Lovely run which passes right through Briancon. The Bridge you pass under signals the end of the mountain bike ride from Nevache. The Canoe Club is very close to the Briancon Swimming Pool and Ice Rink.

Upper Durance Briancon to Prelles 2/7km/1hr
Straightforward and great introductory paddle in fast flowing water. Good one for the younger paddlers. Durance Gorge Prelles to L’Argentiere 4(5)//8km /2-3 hours (portage) Challenging run in a committing and spectacular gorge, but with long and difficult portage; make sure you have good footwear, a number of throw lines, first aid kit and spare paddles. Water level is dependent on barrage release. If too much water at the start then seriously reconsider. The Durance Gorge via ferata goes over the last section of this run.

L’Argentiere slalom site 3/1km
Big bouncy fast flowing water. Some good waves for play boats. Small lake to practice rolling/flat water techniques. Easy access to L’Argentiere rock climbing, canyon and via ferata as well as a good finishing point for mountain bike rides from the Fournel valley and the Gyronde valley.

Middle Durance L’Argentiere to St Crepin /St Clement 2/12 to 19 kms/2-3 hours
Easy water but fast flowing. Good easy Canadian Canoe trip. Good place to practice rescue techniques. Starting point for the “log rafters” in May. Section from St Crepin to St Clement v slow moving. Great climbing section above St Crepin.

Lower Durance St Clement to Rabioux (or add in with Lower Guil) 2/ 4km/1- 2 hours
Easy water – good for beginners. Nice play waves at St Clement Rabioux good place for lunch. Normally done together with the next section. Beware – in big water if people capsize in the Rabioux wave, it is important to get them out before the first corner or else a long swim ensues.

Lower Durance Rabioux to Embrun 3/12km/2 hours
Superb Alpine section of big water paddling.


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