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Via Ferrata are great fun - somewhere between scrambling and climbing. However you do not need any experience apart from a basic introduction.

Anyone from the age of about 5 can participate, and its a great family activity. teenagers love them! If you have never done a via ferrata, click on the notes tap for a description.

Because we have 10 via ferratas within 10 mins drive and 10 more within 30 mins drive.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Via ferrata (the Hermann von Barth Way), on the Partenkirchen Dreitorspitze (Austria) Via ferrata Piz de Lech A via ferrata (Italian for "iron road", plural vie ferrate or in English via ferratas ) is a protected climbing route found in the Alps and certain other locations. The essence of a modern via ferrata is a steel cable which runs along the route and is periodically (every 3 to 10 metres (9.8 to 33 ft)) fixed to the rock.

Using a via ferrata kit, climbers can secure themselves to the cable, limiting any fall. The cable can also be used as aid to climbing, and additional climbing aids, such as iron rungs (stemples), pegs, carved steps and even ladders and bridges are often provided. Thus via ferrata allow otherwise dangerous routes to be undertaken without the risks associated with unprotected scrambling and climbing or need for climbing equipment (e.g. ropes). They enable the relatively inexperienced a means of enjoying the dramatic positions and accessing difficult peaks normally the preserve of the serious mountaineer; although, as there is a need for some equipment, a good head for heights and basic technique, via ferrata can be seen as a distinct step up from ordinary mountain walking. Conversely, the modest equipment requirements, ability to do them solo, and potential to cover a lot of ground, mean that via ferrata can also appeal to more experienced climbers.

Via ferrata can vary in length from short routes taking less than an hour, to long, demanding alpine routes covering significant distance and altitude (1,000 metres (3,300 ft) or more of ascent), and taking eight or more hours to complete. In certain areas, such as the Brenta Dolomites, it is possible to link via ferrata together, staying overnight in mountain refuges, and so undertake extensive multi-day climbing tours at high altitude. In difficulty, via ferrata can range from routes that are little more than paths, albeit in dramatic and exposed situation.


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